Are You Covered?

You can get a rough estimate of our coverage areas using our address search page (WARNING: it requires javascript, which you seem to have disabled).

January 2018 Billing Delay

We apologize for the delay in your Barry County Telephone January billing. Please note the adjusted due date on the bill. We appreciate your patience as we work through this billing transition. If you have any questions please call our customer service team @ (269) 623-2311.
Auto ACH and Auto Credit Card payment customers, please note that the January 1st auto payment was not run on January 20th. If alternative payment has not already been made for the January billing, we will run the auto payment process on February 20th. This process will include both January and February billing balances. If you have any questions please call our customer service team @ (269) 623-2311.

Local. Reliable. Affordable.

Message Express Internet (MEI) has become southwestern Michigan’s premiere Internet Service Provider and it’s no accident. With huge amounts of bandwidth and advanced networking, MEI can provide you with the fastest speeds in the industry. MEI has some of the safest email around with both spam and virus filtering built in. Couple this with our expanded coverage in rural areas; MEI makes high speed connections available to more people in our community than ever before. Try us today and find out for yourself why we are Southwestern Michigan’s best Internet service provider! Are YOU Covered?

Better Services, Better Speeds, Better Prices

At MEI, our connections are free from the limitations and issues that plague air cards, satellite services and cable providers, allowing us to easily expand into rural and under-served areas with true high speed internet and phone services. This means we also deliver low installation and service costs compared to other internet providers, allowing us to pass on to you unparallel speed, reliability, and savings. Being a local company our service and response times are quicker than the competition.