New Anti-spam Service

Bust the spam

Bust the spam

What is this?

  • Are you sick of spam in your e-mail?
  • Do you get strange e-mail messages from people or companies that you've never communicated with?
  • Do you get e-mail messages with questionable or embarrassing content? has a new anti-spam service that is FREE to customers. recommends that customers do not click the "unsubscribe" links inside spam messages. If you click those links, the people sending these messages will many times use this against you and will actually send you more spam! Instead, sign up for anti-spam service.

Each day you will receive a summary of all the messages that were caught by the spam service. You can review this message to make sure no legitimate messages got caught in the spam trap. You can also change your preferences from within this e-mail and stop the summary from even being delivered to your inbox. All trapped spam messages will be automatically deleted after 15 days.

If you have children and you don't want them to have access to the trapped messages or even see the summary with the questionable content, parents can actually receive the summary to their inbox instead.

I want this, how do I get started?

Simply call or e-mail tech support to sign up. Only e-mail accounts qualify for this service. Technical support phone numbers:

  • 623-9005 (Delton),
  • 721-9005 (Banfield),
  • 664-9005 (Pine Lake),
  • 758-9005 (Lacey),
  • 283-9005 (Mattawan),
  • 373-9035 (Kalamazoo)